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white basketball shoes have been AF1's summer patent all the time. Even if there are some shoes used in pure white tones, but also generally close to the high school shoes for the use of money. NIKE version of the LOW seems to help a few slower than high school, in the year after the listing to NIKE finally officially announced the Nike Hyperdunk new low shoes to help fight the mystery, they are overwhelmed by the launch is a silver white Nike Hyperdunk Low. Vamp with silver as the main tone, heel and outsole with dark grey as a transition from the side to see the fly line through the grey swoosh, reflecting the upper I do not know whether the use of 3M technology, love this pair of boots friends please remember it. 429656-103, but this is now available in Schuh-You. : just like Grant Hill's NBA career, his second double FILA signature sneakers in 96 years have withstood the test of time and will be back in sight this year. Although the name changed to Ninety Six, but classic design is still the same. This spring FILA will be engraved commercially available including the first year, five white / navy blue color color. today, small make up have been lucky enough to be able to come to the studio cheap air jordans online of the tide card hidden in the country (finally can go to work time to the outside of the waves!!! Small heart is as cheerful as a lark.). entered Xiaobian was studio style of decoration to attract, while maintaining the simple style, at the same time, and add to the interesting details, small series of bold crazy shooting (of course, consent of the principal, after all, small series was a polite culture. wall the slogan let me think sina is really want to good products, unlike some so-called country tide brand, mimicking the big and circle wave of money and leave, Xiaobian scoffed!!! on the left side of the shelves filled with toys, small moment have a feeling of childhood memories!!! Small make up in the corner to find the two baby. of course, of course, clothing or clothing to the main thing to do, to the last wave of clothing!!!! in the end I found a Logoon the wall.The content of course to stroll, and managed to chat! I'm doing an interview, too. please tell us about yourself. I am Li Yi Chao, Zhejiang science and graduated from the University of industry and trade, at present is hidden one of the chefs, because the University of clothing design, so it is fortunate in 2012 to the establishment of the jordan shoes online sale brand. , please tell us about the origin of the name of the hidden fact, I was trying to use shadow as a brand name, because the university will die to fly more fire, I often go to night ride, so I thought of this shadow. But it is a pity to be registered, I would like to use shadower, then we would like to say whether or not to use Chinese, it is natural to use the hidden. the quality of the country has been the quality of our Tucao, and that you are hidden is how to control the quality of it?because we are all professional fashion design background, so we in the design of the design, three-dimensional tailoring, version production will be more professional and carefully. Relatively speaking, our clothes will be more attached to a human body, every time we design out a new, will always be their first upper body, see version where need to be modified, once thought to be modified, we would have to modify, basically every styles of clothing have eight or nine parts, in order to achieve we think the ideal effect. said the new, hidden "new spring and summer about what time will go on sale to sell? currently the kind of clothing we has to do it, we are some of the details still need to modify, probably Cheap foamposites for sale at the beginning of April we will start selling. in the end, what do you want to say to the customer and to the customer?I hope that when customers can do better and better, and also hope that customers can be more and more, continue to like this platform, 〉Kevin white shoes with black detail, complemented by purple and orange embellishment, has now officially landed Concepts and other stores. Air Jordan VIII Retro recently exposed a new "Nicks" new color, this shoe body with black suede heel and ankle as the background, a gray matte leather shoes to be decorated, no color is not very low-key, the Blue Curacao color embellishment played a dotting effect. They are on the tongue collocation of the towel cloth, lining, JUMPMAN LOGO midsole and outsole fender. Melo Anthony, the star of Nicks, will probably show me the charm of this new product in the near future! Air Jordan 6 Retro "World Cup Brazil" kind nearly Rewards 2014-05-06 22:50:32 In order to meet this summer's football Saatchi, Jordan Brand is the "cross" has created a World Cup do not note version of Air Jordan 6 Retro, shoes from exposure after they lost friends shoes popular majority concern. It is reported that this & nbsp; Air Jordan cheap air jordans 6 Retro "World Cup Brazil" is part of a new Football Innovation Summit also part of the planning, shoes with black shoes complemented by yellow-green details of the building, and in the bottom position of the injection of a large area of ??ink embellishment . Do note before Internet rumors of this world's limited edition only 2000 pairs, but the official sale has not yet announced specific details, we may wish to pass this set of the latest real shot to appreciate what this World Cup do not note it. Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Low & quot; BHM & quot; exposure 2013-12-08 22:53:08 yesterday, the Lakers Thunder war western focus of the war, it seems that all the limelight all been at the foot of Westbrook Air Jordan 3 & quot; OKC & quot; PE robbed, it is not true, the Lakers Nash foot shoes yesterday also very eye-catching. The Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Low & quot; BHM & quot; is the first exposure, in February Nike will release a series of BHM (Black History Month Black History Month) color of shoes, for example, has been exposed before Nike Soldier 6, Nike Lebron 10 GS's BHM version, more BHM version of the shoes, let us wait and see! shoes reported rumors: Stephen Curry has been switche cheap jordans d to Under Armour? 2013-12-08 23:42:27 Not long ago on the Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry is about to replace the shoes sponsor rumors flying around, and then the network spread Chinese brand Li Ning, the best chance to sign the superstar of tomorrow. However, in today's official media day, Stephen Curry was accidentally put on Under Armour's latest basketball shoes Spawn Anatomix debut, which basically determines the library has been switched to UA's correct. In addition, this year's rookie, Stephen Curry's brother Seth Curry also put Spawn Anatomix, after Jennings, Walker, Vasquez, Under Armour soared reinforcements, it is very looking forward to! just to introduce the Cavaliers "little giant" Owen's "Grammy" color of PE boots, but the team as "true giants" James Nike of course also be "special care", but this black gold color rendering sub-brand shoes are whole, not only embodies the noble qualities also make sports shoes filling completely. In the ensuing game, James was also wearing the boots has a comparatively good play, I believe that this time must be and brothers James watched the Grammy awards ceremony friends.Air Jordan 1 private custom version of "Brooklyn Zoo" tour map 2013-12-08 22:35:16 do not note every PMK (Perfectly Made Kicks) personal custom shoes will make us feast for the eyes, but this time we gave you with to a pair of their latest custom Air Jordan 1, this pair is inspired by the Brooklyn Zoo, in terms of the shoe body, PMK selected snakeskin, alligator, ostrich, elephant and other animals grain grain leather material, so that the whole pair of shoes look up untamed, luxury doubled. Especially in the details, we can appreciate the PMK experienced and talented custom shoes time, but this will be a customized version of Air Jordan 1 Exclusive sale in LeBron's UNKNWN shop November 7 10 has been unable to meet the trend of people outside the dress glamorous, but also at home. That is, when friends to come to the home together, comfortable, neat, characteristic dress is not only out of politeness, can also highlight their own taste. 2011, the Japanese brand, fashion, fashion design, Wanderer ???? 1.jpg (68.06 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-17 09:59 upload but sports expert Nike will break all the problems, recently launched a new Lunar, called Rejuven8 Mid+, weighs only 175 grams, really surprise four! Why sweet light? Because without him, because the combination of Nike Torch Technology and Lunarlite Foam Sole, really want to have a few heavy difficult. As for running home certainly want to have a feeling of both legs, to Lunar Rejuven8 Mid+ believe it will help you make your dreams come true! Tell you, Lunar Rejuven8 Mid+ Nike+ Plus also supports Technology, statistical data on the amount of exercise you do have great help! 2.jpg (37.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-17 09:59 upload 3.jpg (26.25 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-17 09:〉ASICS recently launched a new color scheme for 25th anniversary of Gel Lyte III, but that doesn't mean ignoring GT-II updates. no, it brings us the new color of GT-II - "Green Ash". The mint green color is perfect for you, isn't it? AJ fans, and was looking forward to the end of 2009, there will be three new color 12 engraved launch, launch colors are white, black, red and white, Which is the second black engraved, white and red color this year is the first engraved, and white is a new color, please look! this season MJ led the bulls to the road, to finish the regular season 69-13, individual awards scoring, NBA team, defensive team and Triple Double for the first time to star calendar (14 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists), but the regular season MVP lost to Karl (The Mailman ) Malone, it's time to revenge, is the NBA Finals: Chicago Bulls VS Utah Jazz! needs to be helped out, and in the decisive sixth game, MJ finally passes the ball to the Steve Kerr at the end, fifth times for Chicago Bulls won the championship and retrieved all the MVP of the finals ! Air Jordan XII launched in November 96, designed from the foot of the bandage, using leather design to increase durability, in addition, shoes inside and outside the side also The pack has a protective design for leather stripes that is the most durable pair in the AJ series, but has been criticized for its weight and stiffness, with a total of 5 releases color, the regular season in white / black and white / red, black / white and black in the playoffs ! 10/2009 air jordan 12 Retro "Rising Sun" (limited release) White/Black/Varsity Red 〈br 130690-16311/2009 air jordan 12 Retro "Flu Game" (limited release) Black/Varsity Red 〉 $150.00