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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; during the World Cup this summer, the 32 shortlisted teams will show their skills in the world's most grand sporting events. At the same time, the sporting goods industry, "World Cup" war already advance into the finals, against both the two giants in the industry --- Adidas (Adidas AG) and Nike (Nike Inc.). & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the intensity of speaking, off-wrestle between Adidas and Nike in no way inferior to the venue of the World Cup tournament. World Cup TV audience has exceeded the Olympic Games in Munich on June 9 opening of the World Cup as Adidas and Nike provided a place for a showdown. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike invariably have this element into the World Cup in brand publicity. Dominated football world number one brand position for several decades Adidas and world football's governing body FIFA (FIFA) signed a sponsorship agreement, hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to keep his World Cup lead. In addition, since Germany is to host the World Cup, headquartered in Bavaria, Germany Adidas enjoys advantages of proximity. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in 64 races, the world's more than 1 billion viewers will see the use of equipment and billboards inside and outside the stadium, the ball, the referee uniforms and volunteers in the game composed of three stripes of Adidas trademark. Adidas also won the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and ESPN exclusive advertising rights to broadcast World Cup matches when the United States, this means that during the broadcast of the American audience a chance to see the Nike ad. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Nike is still used in other sports arena again succeeded the old tactics: sponsored by the star to make Starchaser effects. That year, Nike is the method has been applied by sponsoring Michael? Jordan and in one fell swoop laid the dominance of global basketball supplies market. To further demonstrate their determination, Nike sponsored the World Cup team for the first time exceeded the number of terms Adidas. In this World Cup, Nike co-sponsor of the United States, Mexico, Portugal and other eight teams, while the Adidas sponsored the six teams. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; when adver cheap air jordans tising in traditional media and the Internet, and sponsorship of amateur football match, individuals and sports teams, Adidas and Nike's big spenders is worse than ever. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's usual guerrilla marketing tactics (in the case did not win the right to hold an official sponsor of venues around the city covered in the company's billboards in the Olympic Games) will be difficult in Germany There useless. Because FIFA has exclusive marketing rights to be protected by local enterprises court requirements and requirements tournament host cities in the sale of advertising space on the OTC official sponsor given priority. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; but Nike fuss surrounding the Brazilian player's strategy also has a tactical advantage. Nike produced is priced at $ 70 replica jersey of the Brazilian national team, becoming one of the world's most sought-after products. Nike also with Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Brazil's other well-known players on a global scale to create a star effect more sensational. Nike's marketing plan in Brazil holds an important position, so that Nike used a Portuguese phrase "joga bonito" (Note: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, joga bonito meaning "beautiful football") to the title of its global marketing campaign . The slogan and the Brazilian national team footwork gorgeous style with performances colors complement each other, the purpose is to use a similar "Air Jordan" slogan to attract a large number of football fans. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike said sales of soccer-related products nearly $ 1.5 billion, is more than two times in 2002, compared with $ 40 million in 1994 for the first time the United States hosted the World Cup higher get even more. Adidas expects sales of soccer-related products will increase by more than 30%, more than 1.5 billion US dollars. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; earlier this year, Adidas bid $ 3.8 billion acquisition of Reebok, thus narrowing the gap with Nike. In April this year, Adidas and the NBA also signed a 11-year sponsor agreement. In addition to the two major areas of football and basketball, Adidas is still running, tennis, and golf tournament plays an important role.Whatever the move one will always make, one is guaranteed h jordan shoes online sale ow the show will provide utmost comfort from wearing Air Max 90 For Men. This is because Nike sees to it that the shoe is not only durable due to the material it's made from but additionally they made sure that the item provides you maximum comfort and ease. Some of the ways by which this is accomplished are usually breatheability, Nike Dunk Sb Homme comfy padding, and proper style and design. The shoes have the capability to "breath" with every movement with the feet, which makes sure that there is certainly enough ventilation to preserve one's heels cool. Original Air Max 90 Shoes are made possible by special designs and materials this correspond to every movement of the feet. The shows possess luxuriously padded soles. destock nike Cagers known that when they go in the air for the dunk, the landing have to keep them safe.People can dunk all game long and not worry about possible trouble for the sole of you a. With reinforced rubber, the padding absorbs the pressure with the landing, sparing the ft from injuries. Designers of Air Jordan got conscious efforts in so that the shoe will feet the contours belonging to the feet. This is done to make a proper fit, which is one that provides enough room for that feet to breathe while so that it is tight enough to never get loose in the heat belonging to the action.And our original nike air max website can give our customers the lowest price. Max 90 Contain The Best Trendy Design" /〉 I like this blog,and it's originally from highly anticipated 2010 NBA regular season start, played for the New Jersey nets (New Jersey Nets) the Chinese player Yi Jianlian (Yi Jianlian) with a Nike Zoom Skyposite FireWire PE player special edition, this pair of shoes and on the tongue of a sculpture of Yi Jianlian's unique personal style scorpion "YI" trademark, very eye-catching. The shoes in red / blue and white carbon fiber bottom vamp, grey laces, perfect reproduction of the New Jersey nets and heroic glory. This new product is now on sale at, a well-known online shopping mall, and will soon be landing in the United States Nike designated basketball stores, so please look forward to it. Source: Battle shoes Wang Yi Jianlian signatur cheap air jordans online e don't note Nike Zoom Skyposite Kobe & Celebrity luxury restaurant opening shoe show comments on last: Yi Jianlian signature, don't note Nike Zoom Skyposite next: Kobe and celebrity luxury restaurant opening shoes show the black American Phil Massachusetts city (Fairhaven, MA) golf shoes the first brand FootJoy today announced that it will shut down in six weeks in Brock Massachusetts meal shoe factory. Because the shoe business, the company will pay 103 manufacturing and support units and personnel. FootJoy shoe factory is at the beginning of 1900s to become "global shoe capital" Brock Dayton, finally a shoe factory. Brock Don's production workshop had a total of more than half of the United States National footwear. "this is a very difficult decision, because of the high level and bottom mount joint golf shoes demand reduction" FootJoy President Jim Kang said to them?. "Even if the factory currently accounts for a small part of our global shoe supply, but some artisans from the shoemaker process generation has passed down. All FootJoy colleagues are very sad and sorry for the result." FootJoy Brock Classics Tour and is responsible for the production plant at Classics Dry Premier golf shoes, there are a few men's suits and shoes. These shoes will stop the supply in the summer after the completion of the sale. The company is expected to have a negative impact of brand leadership and the decision is not on the global golf shoes sales or marketing. (Editor: admin)After LeBron 12, and a pair of Zoom Air equipped with Hex Technology shoes officially released, it is in front of Zoom Hypercross Trainer. Zoom Air also equipped with new form of soles, shoe body with Hyperfuse and dynamic fly line to strengthen stability, improved the bottom can also adapt to the field and grassland. October 10th landing on store shelves, love friends can look at. 1410c621Q3P-324351_resized.jpg (28.31 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer 2014-9-18 08:45 upload 1410c621SNF-335206_resized.jpg (31.1 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer 2014-9-18 08:45 upload 1410c621J2420-30VR_resized.jpg (56.07 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Zoom Hypercros foamposites for cheap s Trainer 2014-9-18 08:45 upload 1410c621MY50-314N6_resized.jpg (63.07 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer 2014-9-18 08:45 upload 1410c621Z52Z-359425_resized.jpg (68.22 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer 2014-9-18 08:45 upload 1410c621V1910-34a38_resized.jpg (44.72 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Zoom Hypercross Trainer 20140As early as last year, we first to expose the Sample version of Nike Hyperposite, and now this is quite mysterious new formal exposure. The shoes design with LeBron 11 is very similar, the shoe body uses the same Foamposite crafted, and the hollow shoe body is undoubtedly revealed was born as light as Yan midsole cushioning characteristics, using visual Zoom Air, worth looking forward to. BbsImg139809339225089_570-425.jpg (38.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-21 23:53 upload BbsImg139809339373061_570-398.jpg (36.51 KB, download number: 46) download 2014-4-21 23:53 Nike Hyperposite 2014, upload, Nike, 00Retro flavor of popular footwear Stan day before Smith was Adidas play new tricks, after colorful followed by the design of this kind of new plush version. Outline of new continuation of the classic, and rubber outsole collocation, followed by red plush for cold winter warmth increased. adidas-stan-smith-fuzzy-heel-tab.jpg (56.14 KB, download number: 9) download adidas Stan Smith new design 2016-10-22 09:16 upload adidas-stan-smith-fuzzy-heel-tab-1.jpg (52.07 KB, download number: 10) download adidas Stan Smith new design 2016-10-22 09:16 upload adidas-stan-smith-fuzzy-heel-tab-2.jpg (36.27 KB, download number: 12) download adidas Stan Smith new design 2016-10-22 09:16 upload adidas-stan-smith-fuzzy-heel-tab-3.jpg (50.39 KB, download number: 11) download adidas Stan Smith new design 2016-10-22 09:16 Adidas Stan Smith upload, plush this topic by Tony in the 00 generation 2016-10-22 09:18before Nike Sportswear 2010 Fall series shoes first exposure exposure of this new style of Air Max 90 Current. The whole double uppers of jade water wave point as its design basis for cutting spindle, equipped with FREE cutting sole and Air Unit fixed round of science and technology, and the chip jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black uppers is definitely one of the whole, can not be ignored the best shoes to season. The new style of Air Max 90 Current, a total of black and red two styles, want to start friends, please pay more attention. Jordan Jordan, is Jordan's brilliant shine again union day, today on the list are half are from Jordan Brand, Joe master should be pleased, but he wanted to when entering the Union League foe, in order to put his beloved red shoes was also fined NBA, later also became famous few people like to wear his shoes, until he retired, many gifted will wear the number 23, Jordan Brand finally glorious union. , 2012-2-3, 02:23 upload, download attachments (223.53, KB), , on the left is a rookie, but he believes Uncle Joe, he wears Air Jordan 3, the right side of the Michael · although Beasley was a tartar, but he also believes Joe master, he is also wearing Air Jordan 3, so they play today are very good. , 2012-2-3, 02:23 upload, download attachments (238.7, KB), , But said is Beasley more handsome, somewhat indistinct taste of Rodman ~ , 2012-2-3, 02:23 upload, download attachments (150.46, KB), , 2012-2-3 02:23 upload download attachment (192.57, KB) ray · Allen has his Air Jordan13 PE took out his shots when angry, collocation and elegant temperament, it should give him a little PE, DeRozan Hyperdunk2011 once again become a supporting role in the next, suck again. , 2012-2-3, 02:23 upload, download attachments (197.47, KB), , · Solomon; Jones is also the belief of Uncle Joe, Air Jordan 14 If only on performance should be more than Air Jordan 13, in today's world can also come to a number of fierce shoes ah, that is the main push light basketball shoes concept, facing the current "plastic shoes" will inevitably appear down. , 2012-2-3, 02:23 upload, download attachments (196.12, KB), , Kanter has yet to play its own energy, but. the Beijing Olympic Games has come to a successful conclusion; the people of the whole country are immersed in a joyful atmosphere. After two days after the successful signing of the NBA Mavericks team headed star, the Olympic men's basketball champion American dream eight team captain Kidd after August 28th, PEAK in Beijing set off a storm of basketball, known as the "Batman" of the NBA Rockets star Battier arrived in Beijing, began the 08 year journey China love heart. This is the third time Battier to Chinese, but his popularity is still unabated, the fans cheering continued, crammed inside and outside the airport. It is understood that Battier's love trip will be as long as a week, through Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hongkong and other places. in the "Battier 08 China love journey" at the press conference, PEAK general manager Xu Zhihua speech, announced that "Battier 08 China love journey" officially started in Beijing. Battier also used Chinese say hello to the scene of the guests and friends said: "a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan in May after that, my heart is very painful, I always want to go to Sichuan, do something for the people there! The China will be endowed with new connotation, in addition to meet the fans, filming of advertising, I will go to Sichuan to Chengdu, to contribute to a force for reconstruction after the earthquake in Sichuan, and donated a batch of 200 thousand of the value of sports equipment together with PEAK for the children in Sichuan, to help young people grow up healthy and confident. I also hope that more fans and friends will join us in our love activities so that the people of Sichuan will live a happy life." in addition to love action, Battier III has been the focus of attention, because the integration of PEAK self-developed PKrocket three shock technology "and" Battier "I, II basketball shoes have made remarkable achievements, not only won the Battier himself recognized, became the first double into Chinese NBA game by Chinese sports brand enterprises independent research and development of basketball shoes, NBA star attracted many attention, earned us local media praise. In the crowd's anticipation, the scene lights faded, and a mysterious gift box fell from the sky. When Battier walked to the moment before the gift box, the audience's eyes were focused on the gift box, Battier III generation also gradually brighten with the lights and reveal the mystery. Battier is very excited to lift shoes called sound: Oh, perfect! I like it! And then wait to share new boots and field his audience, he from various angles to show the audience Battier III, is still the familiar red and white colors, but unlike I, II is III formed a three-dimensional visual impact stronger, according to the staff of PEAK, the I and II generation in the succession of boots shoes characteristics at the same time, more players in the lateral shift protection of bare feet, the maximum to prevent the high-speed movement for athletes to hurt. Believe in "Battier, III generation"The all star game in New York will greatly promote the combination of fashion and sports, has seen in show two different versions of the PSNY x Air Jordan 10, the official account and drying out of two suspected Jordan Melo M11 joint local spy. A silver metal shoe body collocation red bottom, deep blue tongue, laces and ice crystal blue bottom, another is to yellow with blue ink with details and presentation. BbsImg142405028915235_480_480.jpg (40.68 KB, download number: 12) download PSNY x Jordan Melo M11 dual color local spy 2015-2-16 09:36 upload Jordan 00every year, the NBA Christmas War is an exciting event for all the fans, and the stars are also full of Christmas Special shoes. For Kobe, this will be the last time he attended Christmas, looking forward to the Kobe performance at the same time, may wish to focus on the wearing of shoes, because it is in each of the major brands for the special Christmas color to create, the game also considerably. Kobe as a regular guest of the Christmas War, naturally in the years to give a lot of color shoes money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike Basketball "basketball without a template, you see commercials" wonderful released 2015 NBA Christmas War ended in Beijing yesterday, the team in addition to the contribution of a wonderful game, each team players wearing the boots also particularly eye-catching : a comment on the basketball without template, Nike Basketball "to see your ad released a wonderful Christmas 2015 NBA war ended in Beijing yesterday, the team in addition to the contribution of a wonderful game, each team players wearing the boots also particularly eye-catching today, NBA battle shoes Wang will be the first to open a Nike Trainer SC 2010 new masterpiece mystery. As you all know, the design inspiration of this war shoes comes from the sports legendVisvim is about to launch new shoes, Abarth, Moc, Folk shoes this week. The shoes are made of unbleached denim and are characterized by Abarth, Moc, Folk representative shoelace free designs, and the outsole with the Visvim signs on the outsole. The Visvim Abarth Moc Denim-Folk will be on sale in January 20th at F.I.L. and around the world's Visvim agencies. , unbleached denim, Abarth, Moc, Folk, shoes, Challenger, retro, running shoes comments on : Challenger, Abarth, Folk, Moc shoes: next, retro running shoes Adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged will usher in a new "Triple White" color matching. It is all white 2 of this pair of UltraBOOST Uncaged continuation of the body structure of Primeknit type socks shoes, the uppers of the desalination lines even more simple, and the new matte heel cradle has also become a major bright spot, and with a white BOOST midsole and outsole has perfect echo Continental. 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